I was always interested in crocheting doilies as a hobby.  Most of the doilies and table cloths I made were given away as gifts.  I never really kept any for myself, even though I had a great love for them.  Anytime I found a doilie under a lamp or a beautiful vase over the top of a lace or crochet doilie, I would look at it and see the beauty that it created for the items.  I have searched for beautiful lace doilies and table cloths and have finally found them.  I'm proud to have started the Company "Keepsake Table Cloths and Doilies" so that I'm able to share with you hand crafted items imported from Germany including German embroidery and now Christmas Embroidery - Our company's wish for you is to enjoy the beauty as we have - these items are true keepsakes that can be passed down and kept as wonderful Heirlooms.   Enjoy!!    Joan Berry, President 


For more than 150 years, the Saxony (Sachsen) region of Germany, especially the area around the city of Plauen, has been known for the beauty and quality of its lace and embroidery.  Keepsake Table Cloths and Doilies imports from small factories in Germany and brings you the finest embroidery and German lace.  Most of these table linens, which are also known as table toppers, are easy care and machine washable.  The trademark “Plauener Spitze” not only guarantees the highest quality linens, it also guarantees that these linens are designed and made in Germany.

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